Alienware Theme Package




The Alienware Theme Package includes a .zip with ALL Alienware Fx Themes available on the site. This is simply for those people that don’t want to download everyone one by one.

The list includes:
Alienware 13 – 1 Theme Included
Alienware 13 R2 – 3 Theme Included
Alienware 13 R3 – 3 Theme Included (New!)
Alienware 14 – 25 Themes Included
Alienware 15 – 3 Themes Included
Alienware 15 R2 – 11 Themes Included
Alienware 15 R3 – 8 Theme Included (New!)
Alienware 17 – 22 Themes Included
Alienware 17 R2 2015 – 5 Themes Included
Alienware 17 R3 2015 – 6 Themes Included
Alienware 17 R4 – 18 Theme Included (New!)
Alienware 18 – 2 Themes Included
Alienware M11x – 5 Themes Included
Alienware M14x – 44 Themes Included
Alienware M17x – 48 Themes Included (R2, R3, and R4)
Alienware M18x – 8 Themes Included (R2 – 1)

My goal with The Alienware Theme Package is to raise enough funds to keep the site going and advertise a bit. I love having a central location for all the themes for people to browse and just don’t want to break the bank.

*DISCLAIMER: The price is so small because I do not plan at this time to send out updated packages. So if you order it more than once, that is by YOUR choice. I will update the package as I add new themes. Again, all support is going to server costs to keep the site running. The same goes for all of the ads. It all circles back into server costs and hopefully some marketing to help drive more people here and grow the community to get more themes going.

**DISCLAIMER: This site and the themes on it were created by independent developers and have not been reviewed or approved by Alienware. This site is not affiliated with Alienware.


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